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Cutting specifications
Applied Exacting Selection Criteria



A beautiful product for those jewelry manufacturers who require a diamond that has been painstakingly selected to add that extra ‘sparkle’ to the jewel into which they will be set. This product is sold at very economical prices. Just to prove that beauty and low prices can go hand-in-hand !!!!


Tolerance 0,04mm.

Exact Weight

Tolerance 0,001Ct.


Rough stones sorted before production

Grading, Polished stones sorted by a qualified diamond grader with a 10 power magnifier


Rough stones sorted before production.

Stones are color graded by 10x magnification.


No stones with strong or medium fluorescence are tolerated


Every stone is selected to be lively and have very good proportions.

Proportions, girdle thickness, table size and symmetry are inspected to fall within the following parameters: (for stones over 0.50ct. only)


Parameter Minimum Maximum
Table % 58 % 62.0 %
Crown Angle 34º 35.5º
Pavilion Depth% 41 % 46 %
Total Depth % 58 % 63 %
Girdle Thickness  thin (max diff. 2%)  
Culet none / very small  
Polish very good excellent
Symmetry very good excellent
Only the Finest Cuts stones are admitted.    

Only diamonds selected to these exacting standards deserve the title of: DCI’s ‘Antwerp Selection™’ Diamonds

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