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DCI Team

Norbert A. STREEP

  • The C.E.O. and Managing Director, is actively involved with the day-to-day running of the company. Trained in Antwerp by the then President of the Federation of World Diamond Exchanges. Subsequently, studied and graduated at the GIA for diamond grading and gem identification.
  • Actively involved in the family business since 1975 and the 5th. generation in succession to continue in the family’s diamond tradition since 1876.
  • In 1975 I joined the family business in Amsterdam – Holland and from 1976 – 1992 in London – England, in partnership with my Father, whose experience and advice continues to be a daily source of inspiration and of great importance to me.
  • Both in the Antwerp and Barcelona office I am assisted by my wife Maria Luisa (Cuca) Streep Ybern, who actively maintains contact with our Spanish business partners. Her opinion, and considerable understanding of business, based on a demonstrated, illustrious track record, is very valuable to DCI.
Member of World Federation of Diamond Exchanges
Antwerp Diamond Bourse
Antwerp Diamond Club
Federation of Diamonds and Precious Stones
Shareholder Antwerp Diamond Bourse
Antwerp Diamond Club
Advisor to Antwerp Court of Justice
HRD Certificate Department
BVGD Polished Diamond Dealers Association
  • Accomplishments and Memberships:
    • Sworn diamond and precious stone assessor
    • Arbitrator
    • Silver Enterprise Award (U.K.)
    • Silver decoration of merit (Belgium)


  • As the Directors assistant in all diamond matters and as the one responsible for quality control, her communicative skills and charismatic approach are essential. Ivette is native of Peru where obtained her Bachelor degree in Law and subsequently was appointed to the Bar as a Lawyer. She is multi lingual, speaks German, English, French, Dutch and of course Spanish.
  • She was also trained at DCI to operate the latest electronic tools available to the diamond industry and was trained to understand DCI’s exacting standards.
  • Ivette, has implemented her own control system to prepare us for the application of an ISO 9001:2000 certificate. Her grading skills and meticulousness make her the perfect Manager of our Grading Department. Ivette is assisted by skilled, trained graders and of course by her senior grader of many years.


  • To ensure that our customers receive the diamonds that they require and that we can continue with our tradition of excellence, we have a carefully selected team of entrepreneurs and partners. These include Brokers, Diamond Cutters and Production specialists both in Belgium and internationally, many of them work exclusively for DCI... We also have excellent relationships, with all the Antwerp Diamond Laboratories. All have been trained to our high standards and all are accredited members of the diamond industry.

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