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The 1st. stage, SAWING..............

The diamond is marked


Than the top of the stone is sawn of



A phosphorous bronze blade is impregnated with a mixture of olive oil and diamond powder. The stone is slowly lowered onto the rotating blade and the saw works it’s way gradually through the diamond cutting it with a minimum of waste. Today in some cases a laser beam is also used to saw a diamond.

The 2nd. stage, BRUTING OR SHAPING......................


The diamond is given its shape!

Brilliant, Pear shape, Marquise, Oval or Any of the less traditional shapes.



The diamond is placed in a lathe that revolves.

A second diamond is that used to shape the stone that is being shaped.
Nowhere is the principle of a diamond cuts a diamond more apparent than in this operation.

Here we also determine the thickness of the girdle.

The 3rd. stage, CUTTING......................


A standard, brilliant cut diamond has 57 + 1 facets



Finally the geometrical pattern of the facets are cut on the stone. First the four top facets and bottom facets. Here the 'proportions' are determined. A poorly proportioned stone will just be detrimental to the jewel that is should adorn. The stone is finished by cutting the smaller facets, that are so important to the brilliance on the stone.

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