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Not only 4C's but the B factor

The additional beauty of our
Superior Collection Diamonds explained. . . 

Beyond the 4 C's is a B ... 

Light Performance is the diamond’s ability to play with light. The Brilliance Scope Analyzer measures a diamond for its white light return, color light return and scintillation.

Diamonds have traditionally been graded using the 4 C's. Carat weight is simply the weight of a diamond. Color and clarity are important when determining the rarity of a diamond. Cut is the C that helps determine the Light Performance of a diamond.

The first C: Color

This factor is often sold as a critical part of a diamond's beauty. Diamond experts would never attempt to verify a diamond's color in a setting, and would insist on a certified color comparison before attempting to make a fair evaluation, confirming how difficult differences in color grades are to see. Extremely subtle color differences can be very important to determine rarity of a diamond, but are never a critical factor in beauty.

The second C: Clarity

The traditional clarity scale has 11 grades. The highest 8 grades have no flaws that the naked eye can see. The differences can only be distinguished with a 10X microscope. In other words, a flawless diamond is no more beautiful to the unaided human eye than a grade in the middle of the scale. Once again, extremely subtle differences in clarity are very important to determine rarity, but only affect beauty when in the very low end of the scale.

The third C: Carat Weight

While the weight of a diamond is important, it doesn't necessarily provide the "perceived size" of a diamond. A shallow cut diamond will have a greater diameter, and will therefore look larger. A diamond of our Superior Collection Selection™ will also look significantly larger than its actual size. An effective analogy would be to compare the low and high beams on an auto headlight. Though generated from the same bulb, the high beam appears to be a much larger bulb.

The fourth C: Cut

Cut is sometimes explained in terms of "ideal" or "superior" using proportions and angles. Proportions and angles help predict the light performance of a diamond.


The B: Brilliance

Now a report by The GemEx Laboratory can show you diamonds from five different light views to simulate how a diamond looks in motion when you are wearing it. It then rates your diamond on the three key light performance components. These three components are white light (brilliance), color light (fire) and scintillation (sparkle). GemEx set the comparison scales for each shape by measuring tens of thousands of diamonds to determine the range of light performance possible in each component. To date, over one million diamonds have been measured.

DCI has always advised customers to buy those extra special Superior Collection Selection™ diamonds. Our subjective description, “full of life” has become a measurable fact!

These diamonds look fantastic and improve the appearance of any jewel.

Cut and proportions are very important aspects, but the ‘B’ factor is a major contributing feature to the diamonds beauty, irrespective of Color and Clarity.

For our Superior Collection Selection™ diamonds we select only stones that have the ‘B’ factor!

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