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Grading System


DCI sorting office

To ensure a constant environment our dedicated grading office has a large north facing window providing the most appropriate natural light.

Our grading system analyzed


All commercially viable quality ranges are available. Every quality grade is painstakingly selected. Our consistent grading system ensures that your stones look the same with each and every order placed.


Nature produces diamonds in all colours and some jewels demand different colour grades than others. With our master stone colour grading system we ensure regularity.


Cost is important. That's why our stones weigh the absolute minimum in relevance to the diameter. If so desired straight weights or straight diameter sizes are available. We don't like to waste your money!


Life, sparkle, brilliance, glitter, all terms to describe a well cut stone. No concessions are tolerated if you wish your jewel to stand out from your competitors. It is a fact that only well cut stones, where the proportions, symmetry and finish criteria are painstakingly respected no matter what, make the required visual impact.

Tools we use

Sarin Colorimeter

Uses multiple diamond grading scales for color to - GEM, IGI, AGS, and HRD standards.

DCI designed and developed

Fluorescence is graded by using non radiating fluorescent lights to meet our customers requirements.


SARIN proportions analysis computer

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